How many women wish they knew how to, and had the confidence to do a striptease for their partner?!


This workshop will teach your guests all they need to know to be able to confidently seduce their partner with a sexy striptease. The first part of the workshop covers the theory, the second part covers the moves, and the third part puts it all together.

Please note that this is a risqué workshop option because the third section does involve all the guests practicing what they've learnt by stripping down to their lingerie. It's a wonderfully liberating workshop, but best suits an open minded group of adventurous ladies!

Striptease 101

Price: R 2,200

Duration: 90 Minutes

The workshop was a treat, and useful for the guests even after the event. It is something they can use and benefit from.


Job well done. Based on some of the feedback, there may be a few reggie bellies in a few months!


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