Fire Dancing Party

Experience the adrenalin rush of playing with fire!


The workshop will start with a short performance fire dance, then our expert fire dancer will teach you and your guests the basic fire moves. You’ll learn a basic dance, incorporating those moves, before each getting to dance with lit firesticks, under the watchful eye of our paramedic/fireman.


This workshop will thrill your guests, while helping them overcome their fears in the most exciting way possible.


Since 2004, our fire team have brought the joy of fire dancing to thousands of people all over South Africa, so you’re in safe hands.


Please note that alcohol and fire do not mix well, so save the celebratory drinking for after the workshop!


The fire workshop works best outdoors, or in a large, high-ceilinged venue. 

Price: R 2,500

Duration: 90 Minutes

The fire was a great way to get everyone’s attention!

“Penny, you are awesome” - Sonika


Penny, you are awesome!


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